Learning is so much FUN!

Playback Variety

With Little Math, you can randomly generate numbers and equations and display different icons, icon size, icon colors. This makes lesson variety potentially limitless!

Every playback element can be randomized - pronunciations, font and colors of the numerals. Best of all, the placement of the icons are truly random, making sure that your child is not simply memorizing the arrangement pattern of the icons.


Personalized Lessons

Little Math also makes it so easy to personalize lessons - and this makes learning math more meaningful for your child. You can choose to use pictures of your child or his favorite characters as icons, and record family members saying the numbers!


Lesson Variety

Little Math teaches quantity and math using flash lessons which tap into your child's right-brain learning capabilities. Slides can be shown rapidly, making the concepts easily absorbed by the right hemisphere of the brain - this makes learning effortless in the early years.

Lessons can also be shown slowly - use quantity slides with numerals and words, or show the same number quantity several times in succession, each time using different icons to better demonstrate the concept of quantity.

You can also show quantities in a grid formation. This helps to demonstrate sets and number patterns (as a precursor to multiplication), and is helpful for older children as the left brain becomes more dominant.


Teaching is so EASY!

Ready-made Curriculum

Little Math includes a complete, detailed curriculum, giving you a day-to-day guide for teaching your baby! The best part is, it only takes 5-10 minutes a day to deliver your baby's mathematical education!

In addition to the curriculum, Little Math also comes with preset lessons for both numbers and math that you can use and customize separately depending on your child's progress and needs.


A Simple Way to Make Math Lessons

Little Math's number and equation generator means teaching no longer involves hours of tedious work! Show numbers, simple arithmetic equations, or even multistep equations with mixed operations - generating completely new and random equations has never been easier - just choose the range of numbers you want to cover and let Little Math do the rest!

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