About the Math Curriculum

The Structure of the Curriculum

The Little Math curriculum is spans a period of one year, with two semesters of six months each. Based on a five-day week, each semester comprises 130 days of lessons.

Each day's session is made up of a number of different lessons. For example, a day's session in Semester 1 contains the following lessons:

  • Quantity lessons
  • Equations
  • Numerals

The full Math 12-month course (Semester 1+2) covers the following:

  • Quantity lessons up to 100
  • Numeral lessons up to 100
  • Counting forward and counting backward
  • Quantity recognition (random icon placement)
  • Skip counting (grid icon placement)
  • Random quantities and numerals (within a range)
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Progression from two-step up to five-step equations
  • Equations with mixed operations


Curriculum Language & Media Files

The Little Math English Curriculum contains lessons in written and recorded American (US) English and Mandarin Chinese by default. You can easily change the language in your lessons via the Number's Library settings.

Each number and operation file adheres to BrillKids standards, and comes with 2 professionally recorded voices and you have the full use of 7 interesting icon sets (icons which illustrate quantity.)


Lesson Types

In Semesters 1 and 2 of the curriculum, you will see these types of lessons - more than once a session in some cases:

1.  Quantity

With lessons on quantity, you can help your child understand the reality of numbers (instead of just the symbols - 1, 2, etc. - that represent them). This will give your child a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Flash Cards Image

To make lessons more exciting, you can use different icons - using images that appeal to your child is an effective way of keeping your child interested in math!

Flash Cards Image

2.  Equations

Little Math uses icons, the numeric symbols of the number and the written word to teach mathematical operations. Depending on your child's level of learning, you can teach simple two-step equations, and advance to using up to 5 integers for operations.

Flash Cards Image

3.  Numerals

Little Math also supports teaching math using written numerals, so your child can learn to be recognize the written representations of the number quantities.

Flash Cards Image

Watch Videos of Sample Little Math Lessons

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