Frequently Asked Questions

What age is Little Math suitable for?

You can start using Little Math as early as 4-6 months, but many parents are also using it on much older children, especially when introducing the concepts of math for the very first time.

Note: Different children react differently to Little Math at different ages. Some don't pay attention when they are 1, but then suddenly take a big interest when they turn 2, and vice versa. All kids are different!

Are computer screens safe for babies?

Many people have negative associations with TVs and computer screens (especially concerning children), but the reasons are mostly not applicable anymore with today's technology.

Previously, old-style TV sets and computer monitors (big chunky ones, known as CRT - cathode ray tube - monitors) produced significant amounts of radiation, but the situation is much improved with today's LCD monitors.

Old computer monitors had low refresh rates, which cause eye-strain with some people if they have to gaze at them for hours. Today's monitors have much higher refresh rates, and furthermore, Little Math lessons only require sitting in front of the computer for a few minutes at a time, not a few hours.

TVs in general also get a bad reputation because, for example, the American Academy of Pediatrics advise that babies below 2 should not watch TV. However, the reason has got nothing to do with the TV itself, but the CONTENT. Programs like those on the Cartoon Network have rapidly changing images which bombard children with stimulation, and watching such programming for a long time may desensitize them to other stimulation, leading even to attention deficit disorder.

With Little Math, the lessons last just a few minutes and is nothing like that type of programming.

Do these lessons come in other languages?

Little Math currently comes with an American (US) English curriculum with media sets in English and Mandarin Chinese. You can, however, download additional media sets in many different languages from the BrillKids forum.

When will I see results?

Firstly, our strong advice is NOT to focus on results.

Focusing on results tends to bring about negative emotions such as anxiety and disappointment, which will be picked up by your child.

Instead, treat lesson time as a time for bonding with your child. The aim is to expose your child to math and to have fun while doing so, thereby giving her a joyful and loving experience. Keeping a bonding-focused mindset will make you a much more effective teacher, and you are also likely to find that your child learning math is a very pleasant side-effect.

Having said that, it is very difficult to say when you would start to notice that a child has started to learn math effectively. All children are different and develop at a different pace. A lot also depends on when you start and how much your child is enjoying the lessons.

Some parents who started early (eg., at 5 months) started noticing that their child can recognize numerals and quantities as early as 9 months. Some parents who started later (eg., at 2 years) notice this even after 1 month. Some parents have reported that their children never showed any signs of learning for many months, until suddenly one day they amaze their parents by applying their math learning to their day to day activities.

Whatever the case, always remember that this is not a race! Any exposure to math that you give to your child during the early years will already be very beneficial.

How many computers can I install it on?

Your license allows you to install our software on ONE computer at any one time. When activating your license key, your activation record will be registered in your BrillKids member account. If you change computers, simply access your member account online and remove the activation record to free up a spare slot.

Note that you can remove your activation record to free up an activation slot - this is especially useful when you change or upgrade your computers. You can also do this when you need to reformat your hardware.

You may remove your activation record for a total of 2 times. Beyond this, we will need to verify your identity to make sure that your license key has not been compromised.

Why Teach Math at an Early Age?

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