What Will My Child Learn?

Here are the main things your child will begin to learn with Little Math:

Early Numeracy

Young children develop numeracy through early experiences seeing numbers and mathematical information - transform math from a daunting subject into an enjoyable one! By teaching your child in her early years, you will help her learn math concepts naturally and intuitively.

A Positive Attitude Towards Math

Little Math helps your child develop a positive attitude towards mathematics at an early age. Instead of fearing math, your child will learn to associate math with joyful experiences counting and learning about numerals and quantities in a loving home environment.

From Quantities to Numerals

Start teaching quantity concepts (from 0 to 100) with colorful lessons and professionally recorded voices. Lessons will then gently guide your child towards associating numerals with quantities, giving your child a more meaningful understanding of numbers. Basic arithmetic concepts will also be introduced through number pattern sequences such as even/odd numbers, multiples, and even unique sequences such as prime numbers.

A Strong Base for Meaningful Math

After quantities and numerals, your child will be introduced to the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! Beginning with short equations using low numbers, your child will start to learn about how each operation functions.

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What's so special

5-Minutes a Day, No Planning Required

Easiest way for you to teach.
A pre-planned 1-year curriculum removes any need for you to think about what you should teach your child each day. All you need to do is press 'PLAY' and have fun interacting with your child! Lessons are deliberately designed to last approximately five minutes or less each day to cater to young children's short attention spans and make it easy for you to fit this into your regular daily routine.


Something new to see and hear each day.
Not only is the lesson content different every day, even the same day's lesson play back differently each time! Little Math's ability to randomly generate numbers and equations and display different icons and colors each time makes lesson variety potentially limitless!


Take control of the lessons
What to give the lessons a personal touch and make it even more engaging for your child? Easily modify the lessons by using pictures of your child or his favorite characters as icons, and record family members saying the numbers to make lessons more interesting!

Grows with Your Child

Download more free content.
Through the BrillKids Forum, download more material to make your lessons more interesting! Download lessons prepared by other users, or download additional icon sets, and even sound sets in different languages if you wish to teach math in a different language.

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Beginner's Tutorial

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Excellent! Here are some great tips to make most out of your lessons and Little Math!

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