Little Math software features

Little Math makes teaching easy and learning mathematics so enjoyable for your baby - create your own lessons, customize your playback settings and quantity icons, create and edit sound files, or organize your child's learning library!


Built-in Curriculum

Little Math already comes with a built-in curriculum (your choice of 6-months or 12-months).

This means you can start lessons right off the bat without worrying about needing to figure out what to teach!

More on the Little Math Curriculum


Different playback styles

Switch between rapid flashing for right-brain learning and multisensory modes! You can also change fonts, colors and letter-casing for numbers and words in your lessons. Little Math lets you to teach math using whatever method you prefer!


Lesson Editor

Flexible options let you change the number range for your lessons, and you can customize your child's learning experience with different icon sets and voice recordings, too! Once you feel your child is ready for new lessons, you can personally create new ones in an easy and stress-free way!


Online Download Library

Expand your child's learning library by downloading additional icon sets and premade lessons from our online community and importing them into your Little Math! These lessons allow you to continue your math learning even after you finished the curriculum!


Lesson Exporter

With the Export function, you can save your presets and icon sets and then share them with other parents and families who have Little Math! You can also choose to upload your files to the BrillKids Forums and share your lessons with other families!


What makes Little Math special?

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