• Sarah
    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Giving your child the best gift after love - the love for learning!

    Do you remember how tough it was at school -to study so hard before exams, and to battle through maths? I believe that the best gift you can give to your children after love, is to give them the gift of a love for learning. Children love to learn - and if a child can learn without effort, they develop a love for learning which they carry with them throughout their life.

    As parents and caregivers, we have drastically underestimated the power of our children's brains, and their abilities to absorb huge volumes of information! Our school systems start at age 6, by which time our children's great learning opportunity is gone. Even then, our school systems focus on drumming in information to the left brain only, and do not focus on whole brain learning.

    Developing a child's Right Brain will provide them with the ability to have a photographic memory, speed read, and most importantly to discover their own true genius early in life. Children's right brain pathways are wide open from 0-6 years old. By flashing images one second at a time in tune with your child's heartbeat, the flashcards are viewed by the right brain as an image, and this builds on the child's rich neural network and develops the Right Brain pathway- the richer the neural network, the higher the child's IQ.

    Before I discovered Little Reader (LR), I spent MANY MANY hours making flashcards. It consumed all my spare time, and I stopped enjoying the teaching, as I knew what was install for me after - making more flashcards!

    Little Reader have provided me with the opportunity to spend much more time with my little girl, whilst providing me with the most amazing learning tool! I have used the course curriculums and my little girl absolutely loves the lessons! When it's LR time, she starts jumping up and down and gets wonderfully excited. The voices reading the flashcards change throughout the lesson - keeping her interested, the pictures are of great quality and they are truly right brain, flashing one second at a time. In addition, I have access to an endless library of files which are added by parents / caregivers on the brillkids forum. I have also been able to teach her Italian and French using the library.

    Let's not forget the thousands of dollars it has saved me preparing expensive flashcards - and saved my imagination, as it is all done for you! YAY for LR!

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  • Marta
    Mom of Eaton from Big Island, Hawaii

  • My son has benefited tremendously from using BrillKids. With only a few minutes each day, the amount of knowledge that he obtains is amazing. By using the flash card and voice over system, he learns new words, phonics and definitions, increasing his understanding and intelligence. More importantly, he enjoys the process of learning and looks forward to it each day. He often climbs on my lap while I am at my computer, asking for more flash cards.

    Using the built in curriculum, my son is able to pick up new words and sounds along with the ability to read. I started my son on the BrillKids program at 3 months and he is now able to read at 18 months. The program works great for me as a bilingual mother. I can prepare lessons in English and in other languages. I can even prepare lessons in languages I do not speak or read and my son will be able to learn them.

    The BrillKids forum and community is also amazing. I have been able to use lessons that other moms have created, saving me time and broadening my son's horizons. Many of the lessons I would never have been able to prepare myself. I can always find great conversations and information in the forum, along with parents willing to answer any questions or concerns I have.

    I would not hesitate to recommend BrillKids to any parent that asked me. It is a tool that can help our children have the best start possible and the brightest future available.

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  • Scott

    Wyatt's Dad

  • I saw a late night infomercial for a DVD-based reading program - immediately it made total sense to me so I bought the whole package. A month or so ago it happened again with Brillkids Little Reader and Little Math. I was even more excited and impressed with this whole site and community forum so I bought the full Deluxe set of both.

    Started 10 days ago and boy, is it ever worth the money. I really like the other program and it got us started and we still use it, but BrillKids is far, far more complete and I'm waiting to buy the music and Spanish ones also.

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  • Linda
    Mommy of Claire & Chloe from Singapore

  • I am a mommy of a pair of lovely twin girls and taking care of them has kept me very busy. Little Reader is really a Godsend for busy mommies like me who would like to nurture their children but could not find the time to prepare flash cards. My children love the animated and multisensory library files that BrillKids has created. I am also thankful to those who have selflessly shared files through the forum!

    Kudos and congratulations on this wonderful program and initiative of the people who created it!

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  • Wajiha
    Innovator and mother from Saudi Arabia

  • Little Reader has guided me in teaching my 22month-old daugher without any force. As soon as I run the file, she starts jumping and making sounds, often crying out, "bee!" which means "A, B, C!"

    It has also taught me so much on how to create more teaching material.

    It is a wonderful educational program and I highly recommend that all mothers and teachers use it to teach their children.

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  • Janice
    (Janice Bolima)
    Mother of a 22-month old, Full-time Housewife from Quezon City, Philippines

  • Just like what the other mothers here are saying, I too believe that your website is truly a Godsend.

    I've been using Little Reader for 3 months now, and my baby and I make time to read through the lessons everyday. I've always seen our Little Reader lessons as bonding time with my baby. She truly loves seeing the flash cards on screen, and it amazes her each time to hear the sound effects and pronunciations, as well as see the words and colorful pictures.

    Thank you very much for your website. More power!!!

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  • Lydia
    (raindrop lila)
    Mommy & Graphic Designer from Seattle, USA

  • I love this program!!! It's such a wonderful tool to use in teaching my daughter to read. She is now almost 3 years old and this is a game to her.

    She wants to go through the lessons over and over again. I found that she is not just learning to read, but also learning what certain words mean, which she wouldn't if we weren't going through these lessons.

    I am thrilled that you have the music notes and numbers also.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Arthi
    Loving mother of Anu and Shyam, Infocomm Lecturer from Singapore

  • I've been using Little Reader to teach my 2 children for a few months now, and I've found that Little Reader serves both my kids' different needs.

    The younger one, aged 2, enjoys the Animal Categories where there is a real picture of the animal accompanied by the sounds they make. He can now recognise words even before the picture comes up! I think that's a big improvement. Wherever he sees the word lion or frog, he's able to voice out the word with the accompanied roar!

    My elder one, aged 3.5, enjoys more complex catogories like Flags, Planets and 7 wonders of the world. She shows interest in reading even outside our Little Reader sessions, evident especially when we visit the library. She recalls the nice pictures in the 7 wonders and wants to get a book which shows more about them.

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More Testimonials from Little Reader Users
  • Agnes
    Full-time Mother from Singapore

  • I would like to show my gratitude to the team who created Little Reader. It's such a brilliant invention and it helps parents like us to educate our children in a fun and creative way. My parents are not staying with us - but whenever I use Little Reader to show my girl the photos and the voices of her grandpa and grandma, she always keeps on smilling and laughing. It warms my heart to know that Little Reader reminds her of her grandparents and the happy times that she spent with them. The BrillKids team are also very supportive in solving my problems and I would like to extend a big applause for all of you! Little Reader is an excellent program and you all deserve my thanks!

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  • Shiela
    Proud mommy from Las Vegas, Nevada

  • I have truly enjoyed using little reader and getting all my friends with kids excited about it as well.

    This website and program have made me rethink home schooling my child (for the better) and has really gotten my entire family enthusiastic about early childhood development and education. BRAVO to you!

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  • Alice
    Mother of Debanhi from Mexico

  • My daughter loves Little Reader! Whenever she sees me turn on the computer, she points to the Little Reader icon on the desktop and won't stop pointing until I open the program and show her the flash cards!

    In our first week of using Little Reader, she has learned to name the parts of her face; since then, she has developed the habit of walking around the house and making animal noises, training herself how to speak. She is now able to relate the pictures she has seen on the program with the things she sees at home.

    As a mother, I enjoy talking with the other parents in the forum where we share our ideas about teaching babies early, as well as swap flash card downloads.

    Little Reader is a great program that gives my baby and I more quality time spent together enjoying the process of learning to read.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Annette
    Chiropractor, Nurse, and Mother from U.S.A.

  • My kids Alivia (2 years old) and Andreas (1 year old), are your biggest fans.

    I want to thank you for making such a wonderful product. My children delight in learning with your software. The ability to customize and create new categories is fantastic and innovative. Whenever I turn Little Reader on, My kids say and sign for more.

    They love to learn and we all love Little Reader and BrillKids software!

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  • Gavin
    Father from Exeter, United Kingdom

  • I got my son started on Powerpoint flash cards, and to keep his attention, I added animation & sounds to the picture presentations.

    Little Reader is the perfect solution, because it is so much easier to use & has so much more content & options - you can play material that it comes with by default & it allows you to add more lessons easily, too!

    Now, I spend more time interacting with my baby rather than preparing his lessons!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Lorna
    Jeorgia's Grandmother, works with the Poor Education Volunteers from Manila, Philippines

  • I use Little Reader with my granddaughter who is with us every weekend. Her mom was afraid that I might be pressuring her to learn but she asks for it at times by asking to be seated on my lap while I am on the computer. I have started on the action words, the animals, shapes and colors, flowers, food and she is just fascinated with them, with her eyes glued to the screen.

    She imitates the actions in the action words and loves the animals category specially the ones which have the animal sounds. Since she is only 1 year old and is just beginning to talk, she surprised her lolo (grandfather) by saying 'cat' when she saw a cat. I hope that this will be her introduction to not only reading but also learning new words.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Lenore
    Mother of Baz, and research scientist, Texas, U.S.A.

  • I've been using Little Reader for a month now, and my 10-month old son LOVES it.

    The free additional downloads from the forum also get better and better every time I log in.

    The paintings and realistic pictures are fun for adults too. It's very creative!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Nikki
    Proud Mother of Gabriel, 9 months old, South Carolina, U.S.A.

  • My son and I absolutely love Little Reader! There are so many easy ways to customize it so that every lesson is new, fun and exciting - you can even create and share your own material!

    Little Reader is also more interesting to my son than simply using paper flash cards; the software makes lesson preparation so convenient, I now spend more quality time with Gabriel!

    I am delighted that my son is learning hundreds of words and having fun in the process - this program brings learning to read to a whole new level!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Martina
    Devoted Mother and Volunteer English teacher Czech Republic

  • I love Little Reader for so many reasons! It is an unbeatable tool for creating and presenting multisensory presentations for my daughter in order to stimulate her right brain.

    The content library that is available for free download saves me so much time, too - instead of preparing so many lessons, I can just download and use them, giving me more quality time with my baby. The support and shared experiences of all the BrillKids forum members are also priceless.

    I highly recommend Little Reader and its community to every parent that cares about his/her children.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Alison
    Mummy of Penny and Hayden from Australia

  • We are all having a fun time using Little Reader - especially my little 3 year old 'little reader' who amazes us every single day with her delight in books and very rapid pace of learning new words!

    She is so excited with the new dinosaur word game we made for her with her parents' voices in it; she just loves it when she hears Dad's roaring sound effects!

    Dad is also happy that he has been able to teach me more about computers. Wow, I never expected it to be so simple to create a sound file!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Bronwyn
    Very Happy Mother South Africa

  • My daughter (14 months old) and I absolutely love Little Reader. We have been using it almost continuously for three months now and my daughter is starting to read quite a few of the words she has seen. She laughs delightedly when she sees many of the pictures and we get tears if we stop after only 5 playlists and plenty of clapping for words she likes.

    It's really easy to use and there is a lot of scope for adjusting things to suit our needs as far as pictures and pronunciation go. While I have home-made flashcards, I find that my daughter prefers the multisensory approach which I would not be able to find the time (or materials) to do without Little Reader (I do not have so many magazines or time to cut out and stick pictures).

    I first came into contact with Little Reader when my daughter was 8 months old, but although we did look at it a bit it was only when she was a year old that we started using it more regularly. She is now 22 months old and is pointing words out to us all over the place. Although she is still not talking in complete sentences she read her first sentence a few days ago.

    Little Reader is fantastic and although I knew this at the beginning it is amazing how many other uses I have found for it since starting using it - I have used it to teach single words, couplets and sentences, explain what an item is when I knew she had heard the word but not seen the item or a picture (for example when taking her for pony rides for the first time we could show her what that meant although she'd never seen pony rides before), I have put stories and rhymes on Little Reader and made personal stories for my daughter using photographs we had taken of a certain outing and I have used it for encyclopaedic knowledge too. The longer I use it the more versatile it becomes. Thanks very much for a great programme.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Diana
    (Diana UA)
    Happy mom of Bozhena, a little genius Zhytomyr, Ukraine

  • I'd like to express my thanks to the Little Reader creators. You've made my life so much easier! I used to spend a lot of time making cards by hands. Now, with Little Reader, making them is so much fun.

    My little daughter loves this great program. Every time I say "Reading Time" she grabs my hand and runs to the computer giggling. And when the lesson is over she gets really upset; I have to invent something really exciting to entice her from the computer.

    Thanks to Forum community, I've learned a lot about early education and teaching methods. I do believe that all children are geniuses. Thank you to BrillKids for keeping up this confidence.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Amanda
    Pharmacist, and Mom to Hayden and Kayla Texas, U.S.A.

  • My kids LOVE Little Reader - they just can't get enough of "the game!"

    I noticed my son repeating words he heard only one time in Russian after we had used Little Reader.

    Now he knows how to say cat, dog and many other names of animals in about 5 different languages - the only exposure to most of these has been Little Reader.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Cheryll
    Proud Mommy of Twins Shasta, California, U.S.A.

  • I just found this website a month ago and have been using this program for my 9-month old twin girls for just 2 weeks now. And wow - I was so amazed at how it captured my daughters' attention so quickly. During lessons, they try to imitate the words and sounds they hear; they raise their hands and kick everytime they see and hear the baby on the screen doing the motions for hands up and kick! They always smile at me while doing it too, it seems like they're proud that they can do it! I thought that was just a coincidence at first, but they do the actions everytime. They are now just starting to learn how to control their finger to point.

    Little Reader is really an excellent software program, and my twins really love it. They are sooo into it. Even when there's a big TV on other side playing cartoons, they'll ignore that as soon as I start playing the program. This is teaching by repetition, and what is so cool is that there's a lot to do by way of personalizing the lessons. You can customize, add and edit lessons you want your child to learn so they'll never get bored.

    To all new mommies, this program is a must!

    (I wish I found this earlier when my twins were still 4 months old or younger but still, I'm so thankful I found it.)

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Nikolett
    Mother of 4, Missionary Hungary

  • Thanks to Little Reader, all my kids know their first 100 Russian words within 3 months! They answer simple questions and try to make sentences. It's a great tool for learning a new language!

    My younger two enjoy their word flash for readers we use and love the animal categories too! The Little Reader library even has files useful to teach the older kids spelling.

    Thank you, BrillKids team, for producing a great software, all of my kids have benefited and will continue to.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Pooja
    Full-time mom to Ishan Bangalore, India

  • SIMPLY SUPERB! - I guess no other words can describe it better. You need to try it to believe it. We were a bit late in trying this out but still I can see results.

    My son is crazy about balls and earlier he used to call every kind of ball (football, basketball, baseball, tennis ball etc) as just 'ball' and yesterday he called a basketball a 'basketball'.

    We have bought the version just 4 days back, can you believe it! It's worth every penny spent. Thank you BrillKids!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Mary Anne
    Loving grandmother of Jake from Malta

  • Little Reader has helped me and my little grandson so much - he is now saying more words after using the program.

    Before using Little Reader, I used to pay for my grandson's speech therapist. These days, I have been using the program continuously and I must say that it has been so much more effective at teaching Jake, and so much less expensive, too.

    In my opinion, Little Reader is fabulous; Jake and I really love it. And although I am still getting used to maximizing all the functions, I would just like to give a big THANK YOU to the creators of this program - you are helping a 50-year old granny like me teach her grandchild.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Jennifer
    (koala girl)
    Loving mom of three from California, U.S.A.

  • The timing of Little Reader's release couldn't have been more perfect. I had just finished reading Glen Doman's book "How to Teach Your Baby to Read" when I went on the internet looking for some more learning material.

    I came across your website and couldn't be more pleased. I found everything I needed, and I stopped looking elsewhere since. Your site, forums and software had everything I was looking for - all in one place!

    My daughter loves our learning sessions with Little Reader, and I find it is a great time for both of us. She gets excited about what she is learning and I get excited watching her. Thank you so much!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Joan
    Mom of two from Singapore

  • We absolutely love it! Little Reader is not just a flash card program like many others on the market.

    It allows you to do so much: you can show different picture for the same word, you can easily create your own category with pictures of your baby, record your own voice, add videos... the possibilities are endless!

    Not only that, there's a whole wealth of great downloads created by other moms that you can simply download and use! Both my 3 yr old son and 9 mo old daughter love it! Thank you!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Kevin and Jennifer
    Proud Parents from Commerce GA, U.S.A.

  • Our 19 month old absolutely loves this program. He enjoys anything that involves reading, numbers or the alphabet. He will sit in front of the screen and point to the letters in each word as it appears on the screen.

    He can already read about 100 words, and I believe Little Reader had a lot to do with that. I can't say enough about how wonderful a program this is. I recommend it to everyone I know with young children. Thanks, Little Reader!

    [Written 6 months after: Zachary still loves Little Reader! He is now reading on approximately a first grade level!]

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Stacie
    Full-time mom of four from Queen Creek, U.S.A.

  • We love Little Reader!

    It has helped us to get so organized. And it has saved me countless hours of preparing materials - hours that are better spent doing fun stuff with my kids.

    The resources available through the Little Reader community are invaluable! Thank You Little Reader!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Brandi
    English Teacher and Professional Mother from Sulphur Springs, Texas, U.S.A.

  • We started a Glenn Doman-inspired reading program with our son two years ago. I spent countless hours, at least two per night, handwriting cards. We bought cardstock in bulk and I could hardly stand the fumes from the permanent markers. Our son learned, but he went through the cards so quickly that we could hardly keep up with him!

    When I heard of Little Reader, I was skeptical. Anything that sounds too good to be true probably is. However, that's not the case with Little Reader! I can program in whatever words I want and customize them to whatever we're learning about that week. I can show pictures. I can add sound and Encyclopedic Knowledge information. Most importantly, though, my son loves it.

    It was difficult to keep my son's attention with paper flashcards, and playing peek-a-boo behind the words got boring for me and for him. With Little Reader, I can customize each lesson so that it's different every time. With the multimedia options, it's always interesting. He begs to do Little Reader several times a day. For me, Little Reader has been a priceless addition to our smart baby resources.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Jillian
    Mum to incredible little boy from Sydney, Australia

  • I started my son at about 13 months. He's 20 months now and I hadn't really tested him up to this point. He did however read my husbands t-shirt the other day that had the word 'star' on it (and not a matching picture), with his speech developing he's also said the numbers 4 and 5 when he's seen them and often phonetically pronouces letters when we do an alphabet puzzle.

    I also offer two or three choices of letters or words on his chalk board and ask him which one is the the word dog or bus etc. So he points at it and says the word if he can. I think it would be of benefit to your child if he or she was four years old. I don't think its ever too late. Even when they start school they expect the kids to not know how to read at all so anytime up to that point is still giving them a head start.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Vanessa
    Mom to a blessed baby, Cameron from Quezon City, Philippines

  • I accidentally left Cammie's flashcards at our relative's house so I tried writing some words on the whiteboard for her to read.

    She recognized all the words I wrote! I guess we won't be needing the word-flashcards after-all...

    Ever-since she can recognize words, we used LR and printed materials from the computer, it's just now that we tried with our own hand-writing. I just want to share my joy.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Anna M.D.
    Florida, U.S.A.

  • I want to thank and congratulate you guys for making such a well-executed and user-friendly product!

    It was really easy to download/edit/organize the library files and it was a breeze to use the voice recorder and picture editor.

    I love being able to teach my baby Chinese in addition to English using LR! Also, the customer service is phenomenal! Thanks to the BrillKids team!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Natalie
    Mother of 19-month old, Occupational Therapist from Syndey, Australia

  • I just started little reader with my 18 month old yesterday- I have been teaching him sign language- he knows about 35 signs and says about 20 words. Absolutely loving signing with him and so glad I put the effort in to teach him.

    Crazy thing is that I showed him a file of animals in little reader and when I showed the word for crocodile even before the picture he did the sign for crocodile. I thought it was a coincidence but he did it again before the picture came up. All I could think of was that I have used flashcards with him in the past and he has a crocodile book I read to him regularly but I have no idea how he could have possibly read it?

    I'm blown away by what little sponges babies are!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Margaret
    Mother of a 2-year old girl, Housewife from Indonesia

  • Im a mother of 2 year-old girl, her name is Chloe. She was diagnosed with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. She's so cute and so adorable, even though she has limitation. By the way, we live in Indonesia.

    I have been doing flash card with her since she is 6 months old, firstly we started with mandarin flash card who got it from Glenn Doman, Singapore. after 1 year old of age, She was being assessed in Evan Thomas Institute, Philadelphia, thus they gave us a lot of Intellectual Program, such as:

    1. 20 categories of single words (5 cards) English, Indonesian and Mandarin

    2. Bits of Intelligence with words 10 categories (10 cards)

    3. We have used Little Reader since one year ago

    4. She has to read NEW books everyday

    These few days are just like miracle happen to us. Suddenly, she can use FC (Facilitator Communicator) (it's a piece of paper and there alphabet from A-Z written on it, and she can type words, sentences, with this facilitator, it is also the part of Glenn Domans' intellectual program). She started to write down answers when I questioned her, the one that was suprising me is when I asked her what is the highest mountain in the Alps? (after she read books about Alps), she began to write M-O-N-T B-L-A-N-C. I'm soooooooo touched by her, after 1.5 years of hard work!

    And she began to answer everything about the books or what books she want to read, like yesterday she want to read about Buddhism, radio, Camera. She is a fast reader, don't need to spell each word, I just need to open it fast, she just look and that's IT! But when I ask her question, she began to amaze me, how SMART she is.

    I want to share with every mom, who have brain injured or well kids..they are absolutely amazing..just dont give up in every little thing you do!! It's really worth it.

    I have seen so many of them (brain injured children) who can read very fast and they are soooo amazing!! They have potential like any other well kids. Just sometimes we are not sure or we don't know...

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Chanda
    Mother of 17 month old Ashlyn, Test Auditor, QC from WI, U.S.A.

  • While I can not say that we are as far along as other children her age, I had a pleasant surprise yesterday.

    I got LR lite in March (9months) and then upgraded in May. (Until the curriculum came out I was a little disorganized) And while my SO agrees with Ashlyn's early learning he does not really help as he hates computers, but he encourages me to keep going with the time I have.

    Since I started the program Ashlyn has shown great interest in the computer. Now if she sees me on the computer she will crawl over stand up and peek over the top of the table to look at the computer to see if her "words" are on. She bounces like crazy when I open the program, and then she cries when I put her down after its done.

    Yesterday while showing the course she clapped when the word for clap came on and waved when the video for waving came on. Although she has responded to us by clapping when we say clap and waving this is the first time she responded to the LR this way. I was so happy. Also since we started she has started "babbling" 24/7. She was always a little quiet but now she is making sounds like crazy. I'm sure she is saying a certain phrase but I can't understand it yet. Hopefully soon.

    I wish I could spend more time working with her, I feel she would be so much farther ahead.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Manasi
    Sriram's mother, Physician from Texas, U.S.A.

  • At 7 months, my baby can recognize colors, numbers 1-20 dots (his mom didn't teach him 0 yet), and 10-15 words at least (haven't tried all of them).

    He also recognized Panda when I showed him picture cards....he hadn't seen this card before, I had just shown him the animal video's on LR. He crawls and doesn't want to sit in one place, so I have to crawl with him, show him the dot cards and ask him to recognize the number. He just pats on the right number and crawls away, leaving me amused and proud as ever.

    He completes nursery rhymes- when I stop short of one word, he makes a sound and then I have to continue with the rhyme- that is really cute. He enjoys music- sings and dances (sways his body and taps his left foot to music). Loves giving 'high fives'. He also says 'AUM' (has been saying it for 3 months now).

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Narelle
    Loving mum of Ethan from Melbourne, Australia

  • My son said "Mum" at 5 months and "Dad" at 7 months. He said his first real words (pointed to object when saying) "duck" and "dog" at 8 months. He is now 13 months and has reached 28 words that we understand. We have used parts of the Doman method, Your Baby Can Read and of course Little Reader/Math for some time now.

    He has really started to say more words now that we are following the curriculum! A big thanks to BrillKids for providing this. I have really noticed a rapid onset of words since starting this. This week he has added the words "head" and "arm" to his vocabulary. He has seen these words many times before, but I believe that the way the words are presented on Little reader via word flash, multisensory and picture flash has made all the difference.

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Penny
    (mother of faith)
    Mother of 2, Home Educator, Pastor's Wife, and founder of HERL KY, U.S.A.

  • Finally my 2 year old is reading flashcards and potato chip bags. He is recognizing the letters A-O, after that we need help, and now he can count to 5. I am so excited that he can actually read a few words now. So now I have got our books out and started a book a day to see how many words he can get. This is what I do; I photo copy or print our books (these books are the ones that I have made) and highlight the words he gets or the letters. I place them in a folder and at the end of the week tally them all up, and then we review with LR and our visual flashcards, I then record them in the free home school planner.

    Thank you for LR!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • JB
    A mom who believes early learning is an essential part of life from India

  • Well, I have already mentioned this in another post, but I guess I have to mention it in the testimonials too...I am very happy to say that I am seeing results in just 2 weeks of starting the LR curriculum. My little one is 9-1/2 months old and he is able to vocalize words like geen, buoo, ello (green, blue, yellow) within a week of showing LR. Around the second week, he saw a dog coming and called it a "dog." This particular dog has several names like juju, bobo, blackie, jackie etc...but he picked up the right word and called it a "dog" !!

    I am simply amazed...And yesterday, came "Catth" (cat) out of his mouth!! Its so sweet to hear him speak all these words...In fact, he has not said any word in our mother tongue as yet...!!! I am very very happy with LR. Its definitely a great tool to be owned...

    A BIG thanks to BrillKids for coming out with such a wonderful product and the superb curriculum. I am glad I bumped into it at the right time!

    See the original testimonial post.


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